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As the capital of California, Sacramento should be setting the bar for educational success for all students. Yet just 41 percent of children living in poverty in Sacramento scored proficient or higher on their math state standardized tests, compared to 74 percent of their more affluent peers. In science, the statistics are similar—just 47 percent of children living in poverty scored proficient or higher, compared to 77 percent of their wealthier neighbors. We can and must right this injustice—state-wide change starts in our city. 

Teach For America has been partnering with communities in California since 1990, and Los Angeles and the Bay Area have grown into two of our largest regions in the nation. However, there is much more we can do. California schools educate one out of every eight kids in the United States, and it’s critical for us to work closely with local partners to expand educational opportunities for students in Sacramento and beyond. With nearly half of our corps members hailing from the Sacramento area, we believe we are well-positioned to help foster a culture of excellence that will shift educational outcomes for our students both in the city and across the state.


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Nik joined Teach For America in 2003 as a middle school special education teacher in Philadelphia. During his time there he created his school’s first special education inclusion program and collaborated with colleagues to help all special needs students grow by at least 1.5 grade levels in reading

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