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The Capital Valley is truly the “heart of California” because of our presence in Sacramento, the state capital, and our work in the Central Valley, an agricultural sector that produces nearly half of all fruit, nuts, and vegetables grown in this country. Additionally, one out of every eight children in the U.S. is educated in California’s public schools. Here in the Capital Valley, Teach For America has a duty to prove what our students are truly capable of, influence our policy makers to level the playing field for all students, and ensure that our kids are ready to lead the future of California’s innovation economy.

We work in minority-majority communities, where no one racial or ethnic group makes up more than 50% of the population. Our communities are a microcosm of our country, but unfortunately, our educational outcomes are not where they need to be to ensure the Capital Valley can continue to lead our state and our nation. Currently, only about one in three of our third graders can read at grade level, with Sacramento and Stockton among the least literate cities in the country.

In order to do everything we can to help our communities reverse these trends we concentrate our teachers and alumni in key neighborhoods: Del Paso Heights, Oak Park, South Sacramento and South Stockton. TFA CCV launched in 2012 with 16 corps members in 6 schools in Sacramento and 80 local alumni. Building on a strong foundation of community impact, our presence has grown to 50 corps members in over 20 schools in Sacramento and Stockton combined, and over 200 alumni working together for educational equity in the Capital Valley.


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