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What You Need to Know


Salaries range from $38,000-$49,000


Highly recommended


Formal Partnership with Loyola Marymount University.

Master's degree can be obtained in your second year of teaching in the CCV. 


Special Education: 1.5 years

All other subjects: 1 year

Earning Your Teaching Credential

  • Overview
  • Do corps members need to take all required tests before being accepted to TFA?
  • When do corps members find out how to register for exams?
  • How much do tests cost?
  • How much does the credential cost?

Credentialing Requirements

All TFA CCV corps members will be required to complete the following:

  • Take the CSET and CBEST
  • Provide degree-conferred transcripts
  • Obtain fingerprints and a Certificate of Clearance. 

Some may be required to take a US Constitution Exam and some may be required to take the NES-APK.

Additional documentation may be required by our district and/or school partners, including a TB test, background checks, or proof of vaccination.  

Master's Degree Option

We partner with two credentialing institutions that provide coursework to obtain a preliminary teaching credential after the first year. A Master’s degree may also be obtained with additional coursework at these institutions.  

Financial Aid

Corps members are eligible to enroll in AmeriCorps, which allows CMs to apply an education award towards their certification costs.

No, we ask that all TFA corps members pass all required testing prior to induction, which is typically the first week of June.

Information regarding how to sign up for exams and by when to take them is distributed shortly after notification of acceptance to TFA.

  • CSET - $207-297
  • CBEST – $102
  • US Constitution Exam - $60

Credential costs are dependent on the specific program in which a corps member is enrolled – it can range from $7,000 to $13,000. 

The Master’s program ranges from $11,000- $15,000.

Placement School Locations

Subjects And Grade Levels

TFA CCV Corps members could be placed in a school in Sacramento or in Stockton.  We typically focus on South Stockton and feeder patterns surrounding Oak Park, South Sacramento, Del Paso Heights, and Natomas in Sacramento.  

Grade levels range from K through 12

  • Early Childhood Education
  • English
  • Math
  • Science
  • Special Education
  • Social Studies
  • Spanish

Neighborhood Highlight

Walk 4 Literacy

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Ongoing Certification Costs
You may be able to offset ongoing certification costs with an AmeriCorps education award. Learn more.
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